How To Install CineHub APK on Smart TV

Would you like to download cinehub for smart tv that you own at your home or office? then you must read this article till the end to be able to install it. Generally, most of the people thinks that you need either firestick or any android tv box for your smart tv in order to be able to install apk files. But that’s not correct, we are going to show you the simplest method to install cinehub apk on smart tv today.

CineHub would be a great apt for your smart tv if you are a kind of person who spends time for watching movies and tv shows on tv.

In fact, it’s a complete application which has large catalogue of entertainment content that can be watched on a smart tv. You don’t need a firestick and you don’t need a mi tv stick but you can still install cinehub apk on your smart tv and witness the mind blowing stuff using the application.

cinehub for smart tv

How To Install CineHub on Smart TV Without FireStick

I know how it feels when you come to know that you are going to achieve something. I can understand your excitement but you have to follow the steps carefully, otherwise it will be very tough for you to start over again.

1. Turn on your smart tv and make sure that you have connected the tv to a wireless internet connection.

2. Navigate to Settings using the tv remote from the home screen.

3. Go to Security tab under settings of your smart tv (samsung, lg, sony, mi tv, oneplus tv, etc.)

4. Look around for the option called “Unknown Sources” on your smart tv and turn it ON.

enable unknown sources on smart tv

5. Once this option is enabled on your smart tv, you will be able to install all the apk files without any kind of restrictions.

6. Go to “Google Play“, search for ES File Explorer and install it on your smart tv.

es file explorer

7. Open ES File Explorer app on your smart tv after it’s installation.

8. Visit the Favorites section in es file explorer and tap Add.

favorites on es file manager

9. Enter the URL in the field and give the name as “CineHub APK” then tap Add.

10. Come back to the home screen of the es file explorer and then go to favorites again.

11. Tap the CineHub APK favorite link that you have added on the es file explorer.

12. The apk file will start downloading on your smart tv with the help of the es file explorer.

13. Now, go to Downloads folder and tap the apk file that you have downloaded to start installation.

14. Hit Install and then follow few on-screen instructions to wrap up the process.

15. Finally, tap Open to open up the cinehub app on smart tv to enjoy some interesting content.

You can install cinehub on samsung smart tv, mi tv, oneplus tv, LG TV, Sony TV and all other smart tvs as well. Firestick is not needed if you have a smart tv but firestick makes the whole process a lot more simple. Don’t forget to check out the detailed guide to Install CineHub on Firestick if you have it already.

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How To Use Cine Hub on Smart TV

If you haven’t added the app to your smart tv, check out the above section. Otherwise, you can go through the steps shared below to know how to use it.

1. Turn on your smart tv and make sure that it is connected a working internet connection.

2. Hit Home button your tv remote as a next step.

3. Go to Apps section from the home screen of your smart tv to get all the installed applications.

4. Tap CineHub app to open it  on your smart tv.

5. Search for any movie or a tv show that you want to watch using cine hub on your smart tv using the remote.

The process of using the app on smart tv is same in all smart tv’s but you need to understand that the installed applications will be available under Apps section. Consider reading the beautiful guide that we have written on How To Use CineHub on PC.

Conclusion: Download CineHub APK for Smart TV

You have seen that ES File Manager was used to download the apk file of the application but you may also use the puffin browser in place of it. You ma also use a flash drive such as pen drive with apk loaded in it. Anyways, let us know your opinion on this guide in the comments section.

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