CineHub for Firestick - How To Install CineHub APK on Fire TV

CineHub features innovative design and settings that the other movie doesn’t have. It would be a perfect application for all firestick users since it has got plenty of high quality sources for your favorite movies and tv shows. If you have a firestick but do not know how to install cinehub apk on firestick, consider reading this article till the end.

With the external video player support and subtitles support, CineHub as everything ready to share the mind blowing movie watching experience on your firestick.

On the other hand, Cinehub also has the ability to show you the other episodes of that particular series while playing. Switching between episodes and movies is super simple which is one of the finest features that we must discuss today.

cinehub for firestick

Install CineHub APK on FireStick 4K, 2nd-3rd Gen & Fire TV Cube

I guess you have connected your firestick to the tv and ready with its remote for the installation procedure.

1. Scroll to hover over settings on your firestick using the remote.

settings of firestick

2. Go to My Fire TV as a next step.

my fire tv

3. Select Developer Options by scrolling down with your remote.

developer options

4. Tap Apps from unknown sources using the firestick remote.

apps from unknown sources

5. Hit Turn ON now, pressing ok button on your remote will do that if turn on is auto selected by default.

turn on unknown sources

6. Go back to the home screen of your firestick and tap the search icon. Now type “Downloader” and search for the app.

search for downloader

7. Select the downloader app from the search results and hit “Download” to install the app on your firestick, which is very important.

install downloader

8. Tap “Open” once the installation is over and hit “Allow” if you see any message on your firestick screen.

allow downloader access

9. Go to “Browser” section of the downloader app and enter the ulr and then hit “GO“.

download cinehub apk for firestick

10. Wait for the download process to start or else download the file manually from that page.

download cinehub for firestick

11. Hit “Install” once the installation wizard opens up on your firestick.

cinehub apk firestick

12. Once the installation is over, you may delete the file from your firestick to create some free space.

13. Now you can go to “Your Apps & Channels” section to use cine hub on firestick.

cine hub apk fire tv

So, whenever you would like to watch any movie or a tv show on your firestick, go to the installed apps dock and launch cinehub on fire tv stick. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below.

How To Get Subtitles In CineHub on FireStick

Subtitles can be used for any movie and tv show except for talk shows. So, if you wish to watch a movie along with subtitles, you can follow the method shared below.

1. Open up cinehub app on your firestick and select the movie that you want to watch. You will probably see a list of  sources coming for that particular movie.

2. Choose any source that you want to continue with.

cinehub subtitles

3. Tap “Play with subtitles” option and then you will be able to either select the pre-available subtitles or choose the custom subtitles from your firestick.

play with subtitles on cinehub

So, this is how you can use subtitles for any movie you watch with cinehub app on your firestick. Do not forget that you can also load your custom subtitles file from your firestick or from online.

Conclusion: Download CineHub for FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube

There is no direct method available to install android apps on firestick expect from google play. So, we have taken help of the downloader app and enabled unknown sources to install cine hub app on firestick. Just go through the guide and add the app to your firestick as well.

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